Monday, November 15, 2010

Modge Podge....

So I tried using modge podge for the first time! It turned out ok for the first time using it....  Tell me about your experiences with modge podge! I had a piece of wood and put scrapbook paper on it then pu a picture over it and used modge podge, it kinda smeared my picture in one spot but I guess I can put ribbon over it.... I will post pictures of it soon....
My husband is leaving for a deployment this week so its going to be a busy week! Then my 15 month old daughter and I are going to visit family 7 hours away..... Hoping the trip goes ok and she is good on the ride! Tell me what you are doing for your Holiday's!  I will be back to upload pictures asap! Have a great day!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Scrapbooks for my hubby.....

So I have been working on my daughter's scrapbook for the past 10 months and now I am moving on to make 2 scrapbooks for my husband! One from his childhood and one for his career as a United States Marine! I am so used to girly and flowers and glitter that I dont even know where to begin on his? Any help or ideas would be great! I dont even know if anyone reads this thing but I hope that someone out there is! :)  

Thanks for reading,

Monday, November 8, 2010

Home made glimmer mist :)

So I watched tons of video's on youtube on how to make glimmer mist and thought well Im sure I can do this! Some ways defeats the whole purpose... It was just as expensive to make it as it was to buy it! So here is my way.... You buy a spray bottle (I got mine from Michaels for $1.29) some metalic paint (I bought mine at Wal-Mart $1.25) I had modge podge (You can use any wet adhesive) I filled the bottle with warm water a little more than half way, then put the paint in just depends on how dark or light you want it, then the modge podge and shake it up.... Then test it out! If you want your color darker then put more paint in the bottle... You can also put some pearl paint in it for more glimmer (it is the same price as the other paint). Each bottle of paint should make 2-3 batched of your gimmer mist!! so it is much cheaper! I have used it and I love it! The picture is a canvas album I glimmer misted with my home made glimmer mist! Hope this inspires you to make your own glimmer mist! Just experiment and have fun!