Monday, January 31, 2011

Monday's suck!

Hey everyone! Its Monday morning and I am drinking a big cup of coffee! For everyone that doesnt know I am a stay at home mom to my wonderful 17 month old daughter... Up until I had her I worked a full time job and went to college for a while... Well in Jan I started back to school, just 2 classes a week and they are both on Monday.... Mistake on my part! I hate Monday's... lol.... My daughter goes and stays with my grandparents till my mom gets off work and I stay at my mom's house becasue my class doesnt end till 9pm.... I live an hour from my school and my mom lives about 15 minutes from the school.... Anyways that why Monday's suck for me! Comment and tell me why your Monday's suck!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Pics of 2 mini albums I made :)

Marion Smith's 31 video challenge

So I did 17 of the 31 challenges... It was so much fun! I didnt get to finish becasue my daughter got really sick then my husband got sick then I did! But if you go to my youtube channel @  hjsgdl  you can check out the challenges and video's I did do. I have had so much fun watching everyone's video's and have made some friends in chatting back and forth!

stay tuned for pictures of my 2 mini albums that I made! I will be posting them today or tomorrow... Hope you all have a GREAT weekend! :)

Tag Swap

I am wanting to host a Tag swap. I need everyone who wants to do it to email me or send me a message. Or you can go to my youtube channel hjsgdl is my name. For this tag swap there is no certain theme because I want everyone to be able to do whatever they want to do! :)  I am looking for groups of 5.  When you send me the tags also include $5.00 for me to ship you your tags. I need to know by Feb 7th if you want to be in the swap. And I will let you know who is in what group. The tags will need to be sent out to me by Feb 15th, which gives a couple weeks for everyone to all the tags made! Hope you all join me in this tag swap! I am so excited!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Been so busy!

Hey everyone! I have been so busy and now to top it off Im sick :(  Sorry I havent been posting but I will be back on posting in a couple days! Hope you all had happy holidays! See you all in a few!